Optimizing Your Rewards Through United Airlines Mileage Shopping Program


United Airlines offers an exciting avenue to earn bonus miles through the Mileage Shopping Program, also known as United MileagePlus Shopping. This phenomenal rewards program offers passengers the opportunity to earn valuable miles, which extend well beyond booking travel.

Understanding United Airlines Mileage Shopping Program

United Airlines Mileage Shopping is an online shopping portal which lets MileagePlus program members earn extra miles when shopping at over 900 participating online retailers. The miles earned can be redeemed for air travel, seat upgrades, luxury shopping and numerous other benefits.

Maximizing Your United Airline Miles: A Comprehensive Guide

Shopping Through the United Airlines Mileage Shopping Portal

The first step to amassing United Airlines miles is to familiarize yourself with how the MileagePlus Shopping Portal operates. The portal offers a vast list of online retailers from a myriad of sectors. When you shop via MileagePlus portal, a certain number of miles are credited to your account based on your buy.

Leveraging the Special Offers

The MileagePlus Shopping portal offers limited-time offers and bonuses throughout the year. To truly maximize your earning opportunities, keep a consistent watch on these deals. Engaging with the portal during holiday seasons or participating in "back to school" and "Black Friday" shopping events can yield additional bonus miles.

United MileagePlus X App

United Airlines MileagePlus X app allows you to earn miles on everyday purchases. The app offers users the convenience of on-the-go shopping, plus the added advantage of earning miles while doing so.

Ensuring You Get Miles for Every Purchase

To fill up your miles bank even faster, consider adding the MileagePlus Shopping button to your browser. This automatically ensures you earn miles for eligible purchases, without needing to log-in to the portal each time you shop.

Using United Airlines Credit Cards

Boost your miles earnings by using United Airlines credit cards for purchases. United Explorer Card and United Club Card offer bonus miles on every dollar spent, magnifying your earning potential significantly.

Redeeming Your United Airlines Miles

United Airlines miles aren’t just useful for flights and upgrades; they provide a host of redemption options. From hotel bookings to car rentals to dining & shopping, you can totally convert your earned Miles into wonderful experiences.


Earning bonus miles through United Airlines Mileage Shopping Program rewards loyal customers and can lead to some fantastic perks. Make sure to utilize all the tools at your disposal to optimize your rewards and enjoy the benefits of United’s MileagePlus shopping.

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