Exploring Tecnam’s Pioneering Twin Aircrafts: The P2006T and P2012 Traveller


Tecnam has secured its mark in the global aviation industry with its groundbreaking twin-engine aircraft: the P2006T and the P2012 Traveller. These innovative models have signified a new chapter in aviation technology, signifying Tecnam’s continuous commitment to delivering exceptional performance, fuel efficiency, and safety.


Born in Naples, Italy, in the year 1948, Tecnam was founded by the Pascale brothers, who embarked on their ambitious journey to revolutionize the aviation industry. They successfully ushered in an era for twin-engine aircraft that is not only cost-effective but also packed with impressive capabilities.


The creation of the P2006T marked a turning point for Tecnam as it entered the twin-engine sector. This modern, four-seated aircraft stands as a testament to the company’s innovative approach in achieving operational excellence while reducing emission levels.

Conception and Design

Build with an all-metal airframe and carbon composite surfaces, the P2006T aircraft offers unparalleled durability and resilience. Furthermore, the twin-engine plane features winglets that enhance its efficiency and provide a stable performance during flight.

Performance and Capabilities

Equipped with dual Rotax 912 engines, the P2006T boasts fuel efficiency that is unparalleled in its category. With its impressive speed and a maximum cruising upgrade of 6,600 meters, this aircraft is sure to provide an exceptional aviation experience.

Safety Features

The P2006T comes equipped with the latest aviation technology, ensuring optimal safety measures. The aircraft’s key safety feature includes an optional ballistic parachute system for emergency situations.


Another gem in Tecnam’s portfolio, the P2012 Traveller, redefines efficiency and flexibility in regional travel. This remarkable aircraft has taken reliability and comfort to new heights, complemented by its matchless performance.

Design and Construction

Constructed using top-grade materials, the P2012 Traveller ensures robustness along with extended life-cycle, eliminating frequent overhauls. The aircraft’s comfortable seats with an equally spacious interior reflect Tecnam’s consideration for passenger comfort.

Performance and Range

Sporting two Lycoming TEO-540-C1A engines, the P2012 Traveller maintains excellent performance efficiency. Its superior short take-off and landing capabilities, coupled with well-mated engines, ensure top-notch flight efficiency.

Safety Aspects

Tecnam’s dedication towards maintaining the highest safety standards can be witnessed in the P2012 Traveller. Its state-of-the-art systems, including the Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite, ensure uncompromised safety during the flight.


Both the P2006T and the P2012 Traveller showcase Tecnam’s commitment to bridging the gap between efficiency and performance, positioning the brand as a reliable manufacturer of dependable twin aircrafts. As the face of sustainable and innovative aviation technology, Tecnam’s twin aircraft are the pioneers in revolutionizing the aviation industry.

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